Welcome to latur sahodaya... one day workshop on effective time management for schooling at RNLES
Latur Sahodaya School Campus Sample Image. Latur Sahodaya School Campus Sample Image.

Welcome to Latur Sahodaya Schools Complex.

Sahodaya School Complex Is a concept literally meaning ‘rising together’. It came into existence in the year 1986, to facilitate synergy of ideas among the school of CBSE, for excellence in education. Sahodaya School of complex is a group of neighborhood schools voluntarily coming to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation, and pedagogy and also providing support services for teachers and students.

1. Educative Management

2. Evaluation

3. Human Resource Mobilization

4. Professional Growth of Teachers

5. Value-Oriented School Climate

6. Vocationalisation of Education.

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